Inventory Sales Solutions

API Inventory Sales SolutionsStruggling to manage your excess inventory? Sitting on material that is not giving you a good return? Let API handle the details. API’s Aviation Supply website is the ideal platform for off-loading your excess and obsolete inventory. The site allows API to auction off material to the market. API is able to quickly and effectively post inventory and allow buyers to bid for that inventory on-line. With our global customer base, API already has a built-in market for your material.

To start the process, API will first review your inventory list to assess the products. In some cases, API will be willing to buy material directly. Where inventory is not of use to API, we would work to negotiate a service fee for selling the inventory. API would also be willing to negotiate holding material in our facility and then distributing it for you if that is of value.

With the Aviation Supply process, our customers are connected to a market full of buyers for their excess and obsolete material.

Please call us at 901.259.4502, or click here if you would like more information.