API Custom Communications Drop Cords

API Supply Chain OverviewThe API Tech Custom Communications Drop Cords are constructed with polyurethane jacketed cords (24 AWG conductors), heavy gauge ABS plastic cases and fluid resistant switches. The sealed volume control provides a linear reduction in volume level without fully eliminating audio at the minimum setting. “Universal” styles are equipped with a “mic mode” dip switch that allows the cord to function in both direct (hot mic function) and mic audio interrupt installations. All cord assemblies (unless noted) are fabricated with 14” of coil, 6” of straight cord on the case and connector end. The API Drop Cord datasheet can be downloaded here.

Product Features:

Connector Types:
  • 6 Pin
  • 10 Pin
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • U174/U Plug
Available Colors:
  • Black
  • Red
  • Special Order (minimum qty purchase applies)
Coil Lengths:
  • 14" Standard
  • 8" Short
  • Custom lengths available by special order
  • Hot Mic / Mic Interrupt
  • Standard or Low Z Audio
  • PTT (Push to talk)
  • Volume Control
  • ICS MOM / Lock

API provides a “Universal” Drop Cord configuration which is available for both 6-pin and 10-pin versions that incorporates typical features / requirements for most aircraft. The API Tech Drop Cords can also be customized and ordered based upon your specific configuration requirements.

In addition to Drop Cords, API also provides repair and custom assembly for the following products:

Please reach out to us via live chat (link above), or contact us if you would like more information. To see our complete product listing of drop cords, click here. To download the API-Tech warranty document, click here.