API Custom UV Laser Wire Marking

Custom UV LaserwiremarkingAPI Tech offers Custom UV Laser Wiremarking for wire sizes ranging from 26 AWG - 6 AWG (0.75mm to 6.35MM OD). Our Carpis 50-100, a milestone development in UV laser wire marking technology, marks, measures and cuts single core or multi core cable.

Using the Capris 50-100 provides our customers with a superior solution to hot stamp wire marking, a process unsuitable for marking current thin wall aerospace wires. Typical applications include aircraft maintenance and modification centers, low volume harness production, cellular manufacturing, and prototype productions and rework stations. The API Custom UV Laser Wire Marking datasheet can be downloaded here. The API Wiremarking quote form can be downloaded here.

Service Features:

Laser Wire Marker:
  • UV 355 nm solidstate Nd: YAG laser
  • Precision character mask
  • Class 1 laser product
Print Specs:
  • 30 characters (max) per mark
  • Full alphanumeric character set
  • Three print sizes
Wire Types:
  • Polymide/Kapton depersion coated Teflon (PTFE), ETFE, & FEP Teflon Taped (TKT/TK)
  • Extruded wires

API Tech will process your wiremarking order to spec. We comply with SAE AS50881 and FAR 25 as well as SAE ARP 5607. We have a fully integrated mark, measure and cut system specifically designed for aerospace. API Tech is ready to assist you with all of your needs.

In addition to Custom UV Laser Wiremarking, API also provides repair and custom assembly for the following products:

Please reach out to us via live chat (link above), or contact us if you would like more information.